A Letter From The Founder

I know how it feels to start a company — the excitement, the nerves, the rush when you get your first sale. I’ve experienced the joy of holding products that I dreamed up, that I designed, that I created. I’ve stood in line at the Post Office, and UPS, AND FedEx all in the same day just to make sure every customer received exactly what they ordered. I’ve obsessed over packaging design. I’ve obsessed over telephone scripts, font types, and website images. My “warehouse” used to be in my garage behind the mountain bikes and surfboards. I freaked out on days no orders came in, then freaked out again on days when too many orders came in and I couldn’t ship them all. I’ve spent many late nights designing websites, writing marketing copy, ordering products overseas, talking with programmers, auditing freight bills, and creating customer invoices, and I’ve foregone sleep because of that one overdue invoice I was waiting on. As it turns out, there is a lot more to running a business than I first thought.

Since then, I’ve refined my processes, developed systems, discovered software, and hired amazing people to help me and my business. It’s been almost 15 years and I still get a rush! Left Brain Logistics was formed at the crossroads of my experience and my passion to help brands thrive. We give companies the peace of mind they need so they can focus on growing their businesses.

It is our mission to be more than a fulfillment warehouse, we want to be your left brain.
Jeremy Clements

CEO, Left Brain Logistics

Our Team

Jeremy Clements

Chief Executive Officer

Anneke Marvin

Director of Operations

Cassie Johnson

Operations Manager

David Sadowski

Account Manager

Bryan Costa

Technical Services

Sabrina Kerr

Operations Coordinator

Joel Lopez

Team Captain / Wholesale

Emmanuel Verdin

Team Captain / Receiving

Oscar Lopez

Team Captain / E-commerce

Hector De La Torre

Team Captain

Sergio Magana

Operations Lead