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Outsource your e-commerce fulfillment to dedicated experts so you can focus on building your brand and scaling your company.

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“Switching to Left Brain has cleared so much brain space for me. I never think about my shipping. Every order, every day is shipped out accurately and on time.”

Mayumi Ishii – CEO of Chrysmela

entrepreneurs didn’t bet it all just to become warehouse managers.

The entrepreneurial dream starts to become a BURDENSOME NIGHTMARE when:
  • You’re working crazy hours and there’s no end in sight.
  • You’re personally packing and shipping countless boxes out of your garage or warehouse.
  • You’re standing in lines at the post office or UPS to make sure every order is shipped on time.
  • Monday morning is full of orders and the first reaction isn’t excitement – it’s anxiety.
  • You don’t have time to focus on activities that will grow the business.
  • You start to feel more like a warehouse manager instead of a business owner.

At this point, you have to step back and ask yourself,

“Is this why I started this – why I risked it all?”
“Is this my best and highest use as a business owner?”
“Will things ever change?”

Believe me, I know.

I learned the hard way. I got to the point where my business was running me, and I realized that if I was going to avoid burnout, I’d have to restore excitement, inspiration, and enthusiasm – critical sources of energy for every entrepreneur.

That’s why I started LBL.

To lift the burden of order fulfillment off the backs of e-commerce entrepreneurs so they can operate in their strengths and scale their business with hope and excitement for the future.

On your quest to scale your e-comm business, I invite you to access my hard-fought experience. Contact me anytime for an e-commerce business consultation.

To your success,

Jeremy Clements

Our Proven Process

Your product is your baby.
It should arrive as if you packed it yourself.
This is how we do it.

Once you outsource to Left Brain Logistics, there will be this moment as you recapture time and energy

when the stress and burden of running your own warehouse will fall away, inspiration will flow again, and your business-owner focus will be restored.

Imagine what you could accomplish, if we handled the logistics

testimonial 1

“Left Brain saved my marriage. Ok, not really. My wife was losing her mind when we were shipping hundreds of orders out of our home. Left Brain gave me the freedom to scale my business bigger than I ever dreamed.”

KC Holiday

- Founder QALO

Next steps

Talk to an Expert

We love learning about your dreams and getting excited about your vision.

Get Pro On-boarding

Key to fulfillment is understanding your desired brand experience and packaging requirements, and integrating your e-commerce software with our Warehouse Management System.

Begin Fulfillment

We start physically receiving your products, cataloging inventory, and fulfilling on your behalf.

Don’t let order fulfillment keep dragging you down.

Get the burden off your back so you can focus on building your brand, scaling your company and living the dream.